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Friday Flips 11/19: Just Girl Scouts

18 Nov

I didn’t think I would be able to do Flip Offs this week because of other stuff, but here I am.

First off, something kinda huge-ish is happening here next month. I’m really excited since I’ve been planning this for a while. Can’t you wait for the big unveil? I know I can’t. (Yeah, I’m going to build it up so much that you’re going to be let down. That’s how I roll. )

I only have one flip this week,  Girl Scouts. What is up with you people? I started eating my yummy cookies and then I found out they were really unhealthy. Fuck you, Girl Scout Headquarters. You give me all this crap about “saving money” and “learning problem solving” and then you make me buy really unhealthy cookies. YOU are the reason why America is full of fat people.

The yummiest cookies also have to be the ones with “Thank You” in different languages baked into each one, right? Ugh, I spent fifteen minutes trying to figure out if one cookie said “Thank You” in Norwegian or Swedish. Then, I spent another fifteens minutes looking at one cookie until I realized it was an English one upside down.

Urg, just fuck you. You make me feel dum.

Update: Wait, aren’t Girl Scouts the ones who sing about the dirty, black socks that never get washed? Tsk Tsk, Girl Scouts…

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