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27 Nov

I’m writing in purple; I’m such a rebel.

Woah, now I’m blue. Didn’t expect that, did you? DID YOU?

There are going to be some changes around TL (Tedious Life’s cool, street name). I’m just going to get right down to it.

1.) I will now use TL when referring to this blog from now on. It is this blog’s street name (as explained above), and we should all respect that.

2.) My street name is Master Jedi DJ Fiddlesticks.

3.) In light of new, confidence boosting events, I will appear more weird (more me) in these posts.

4.) I feel as though I’ve finally found my personal writing voice because (see above).

Onwardeth to more exciting crap…

 I’m going to make TL  look prettier and easier to navigate; I will also blog a bit differently and less frequently because of other writing opportunities I am striving for and I also have no fear of grammar police hence this grammatically incorrect sentence.

The biggest difference will be Friday Flips. I might still write for this blog hop, but less frequently. Twitter and Facebook will not be updated, even though Facebook is already like that.

 Well, that’s it. BYE!


Friday Flips 11/5: The “Mustache Hate” Edition

4 Nov

Yes, I missed last week’s flips. Simply put, I was tired. I was tired of my birthday, tired of planning, tired of being sad when nobody remembered said birthday, and so freakin’ tired of Halloween… so I celebrated with Cesar Chavez instead.

A small amount of hatred goes to my name. My parents thought it was unique but by 5th grade, I hated it because it was so common and it was too innocent sounding. I go by a nickname, instead of Sara, but some people still call me by my real first name.

A shovel of flips goes out to certain bloggers. The bloggers I am referring to are ones that constantly refer to their writing as “funny” or “sappy” or “snarky”. I’m not hating on blogs that do this on occasion I’m talking about bloggers who do that on every single post. Honestly? Your writing isn’t that funny or snarky when you start off by writing “here is my funny/snarky post on my trip to the pumpkin patch.”

 “Friends” who criticize my spelling and grammar deserve some giant flips this week. Am I writing a research paper? I can write better than this, but this is a BLOG. Wud u rther iF i tyPed lyke dis?????????????? Or iF i tweeted lyke dis…

“Yo, jus got bac from da concert. awsum. my dawg died. hehe.”

That’s right, insult my grammar and the dog dies. *

Mustache haters? You get a big “F” in mustachinessness. As you know from my previous post, I love making mustaches on sticks. I now carry one everywhere I go to show friends or to strike up a conversation with the homeless man who lives by the supermarket. I do not know where this “mustache hate” comes from but it needs to stop. I have a mustache on a stick, so what? I’m not pushing it up to your face or anything… Okay, I did that once but I apologized to her afterwards.

Grow up, it is just a mustache! It’s not like it’s a Boba Fett blaster or anything…

A NOT Flip Off to WordPress for these recommended tags…

they know EXACTLY what I'm talking about!

What are you flipping off this week? Also, new username ideas? Anyone?

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*= Just joking, of course. I’m pretty sure that’s illegal and stuff. Also? It’s messy.

Friday Flips 9/3: Me on TV!

2 Sep

Just a short message before I begin Flip Offs…

I’m moving to VERY soon, before the end of September. This means that my website might be down but that’s because I’m moving NOT because I’m dead (but I’ll still take the free flowers). If you have ANY tutorial links or stories about the switch, PLEASE give them to me.

I haven’t felt this scared since a Maltese chased me down the street as a kid… don’t let that cute face fool you.

Twitter- Flip Off! I said that I wouldn’t become a Tweet addict but I feel the addiction coming on. I think I’m just one tweet away from my friends calling in Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil: So you Tweet over 9 THOUSAND times a day?

Me: Well… you’re bald!

Dr. Phil: Hasn’t this hurt your family?

Me: Maybe if they got on Twitter, we wouldn’t have this problem.

Dr. Phil: I want you to join the Dr. Phil house…

Then, I would decline because I heard that you’re not allowed to gamble in the Dr. Phil house. The producers would wave some money in my face and say I could keep it as long as I joined Dr. Phil house, pretended to be a 12 year old mom*, and wrote a tell-all book about how Dr. Phil house changed my life.

I would accept.

*= Multiple people have thought I was 11 since the time I was 14. I could play a 12 year old mom, no problem.

Dog- Flip Off! You keep asking to go outside and potty but you never go…

 I found out that you have Old Dog Constipation, which is just like Old Man Constipation but Dog is a dog. What are you supposed to do for Old Dog Constipation? Am I supposed to hold a magazine in front of your face for you? I really hope you go so I don’t have to give you some sort of dog suppository because honestly, I will NOT do that for you…

Things I want/need- Flip Off! The list of things I want/need is growing… I need a car, I want a lightsaber, I want a camera…

(On the subject of cameras, did you know that Nikon and Canon are like Mac and PC? I found out when two photography nerds had a granny bitchslap fight in the middle of my local camera store… That is the reason why Star Wars conventions and Star Trek conventions cannot be held at the same location. That’s also why nobody should ask George Lucas if he is a Trekkie, Star Wars fans will feel betrayed and shed tears while the Trekkies will jump with joy. It leads to a geeky granny bitchslap fight, believe me.)

I need to get a REAL job. Flip Off! Yeah, you all knew this was coming. This is going to be tough but I hope that I can have the new and improved Tedious Life running by October. I’m so scared…

I’m rambling a lot today and I think this post shows it. I blame my lack of sleep. Now, I’m off to watch a few episodes of Three’s Company…. WEEEEEE!

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