All fun and games until a kid poops in the pool

23 Jul

A close friend asked me to join her at the public pool. I had not been to a public pool since I stopped taking swimming lessons so I was a little apprehensive about showing off my mediocre swimming skills in front of an audience. Nonetheless, I agreed to accompany my friend because we hadn’t done anything together in a while.  

Here are some things I learned about the public pool…  

Fun at the pool

■You have to pay an arm, a leg, three fingers, and eight toes to get in.  

■Little kids don’t care and will swim you down.  

■Parents don’t care and will swim you down… while holding their kids.  

■There are people who are actually stupid enough to run around the edge of the pool. The floor is hard and slippery; what do they think will happen?  

■The disgusting people make me remind myself, “This is like a huge community toilet, good thing there’s chlorine.” 

■There are signs everywhere that say No Dogs Allowed but is it really that much of a problem?   

Employee: Ma’am *points at all the signs* no dogs are allowed in the pool.   

Woman: How rude! My son has a rare, hereditary condition that makes hair grow all over his body. 

Employee: Ma’am, your son just peed on the floor. 

Woman: Who cares, are we getting pool passes or what?  

■You can’t bring in drinks but you can buy the bottled water they sell. I must admit that I did sneak in my bottle of water. I feel so BA!  

Here are the top 5 things that made the pool enjoyable.  

1.) Price. It was pricey to get in but you can get a pool pass which pays for itself if you visit the pool frequently. It was good that I could save money if I decided that I wanted to go to the pool more.  

2.) Lifeguards. I felt safe knowing that if my swimming lessons failed me I would be saved… unless the pool lifeguards run at “Baywatch Speed”. I didn’t get to see the lifeguards run to someone’s aid BUT if that idiot kept running around the pool I might have.  

3.) Refreshing. It’s a pool so obviously it’s refreshing on a hot day.  

4.) Water. My skin and hair are normally -pardon my French- f’ed up after a trip to the pool. The chlorine levels in the pool were pretty mild and my skin and hair didn’t suffer.  

5.) Clean. I didn’t see a dirty Band-Aid on the pool bottom.  

My advice to you is to bring your own towels, don’t bring your dog, and be very observant because it’s all fun and games until a kid takes a dump in the pool.   

~Sara :mrgreen:  

 Pool Picture Source  



3 Responses to “All fun and games until a kid poops in the pool”

  1. rivkachka July 27, 2010 at 8:38 pm #

    This post made me laugh out loud. I brought my husband over and he laughed out loud, too. It’s especially relevant to my life right now because I just purchased a swim diaper for my toddler. No poo in the pool from my kid (I hope)!

    • Sara @ Tedious Life July 27, 2010 at 11:12 pm #

      Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad my post gave you a laugh.
      ‘Pool poop’ is one of my biggest fears.

  2. Greta August 2, 2010 at 9:10 am #

    hahaha so true! You have a great sense of humor.

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