Imaginary Places I’d Like To Visit

20 Mar

I’ve been on vacations before. They all have the same things- plants, buildings, and normal people. I want something more from my vacation, so this year I’m thinking about going to an imaginary place. Here is my list of what places I’m thinking about visiting.


There are many reasons why I would want to visit Atlantis. If the sunken city did still have people I would marry a kind, rich Atalantic Atlantoid Atlantian Atlantinite guy living in Atlantis. We would live in a big castle with lots of jewels. My fish servants would sing me a version of Under the Sea.

Of course, for all this to happen I would have to grow gills… It shouldn’t be too hard to grow gills- I grew a beard once.

**Just Joking…[shifty eyes]**

PROS: Money, Fish singing, and I get to grow gills!

CONS: I would be killed by King Neptune for being an “earth dweller.”


I know I said these were imaginary places I wanted to go, but I’m quite convinced Kokomo exists. Kokomo supposedly exists off of the Florida Keys. For the past 3 years, I have been joining an island-finding expedition with captain Brock Lovett for 2 weeks out of the year. (Every since Lovett uncovered the secret of the Heart of the Ocean, he has been very interested in island finding.)

We having really found anything except for dead monkey-dolphins and some ship called the Atocha or something. One day maybe I can go to Kokomo and take it slow.

            PROS: Bodies in the sand, tropical drink melting in your hand. We’ll be falling in love…

CONS: Kokomo, by the BEACH BOYS… ewww…

Hogwarts School


**Harry Potter music plays**

A part of me thinks Hogwarts exists. The owl that was carrying my official Hogwarts letter was shot down by the Czechoslovakians. Just joking… it was the Mexicans. Why does Mexico hate me? 😥

Hogwarts sounds amazing- great food, no math, and a great headmaster that seems to understand everyone. (He especially understands the troubled, orphan boys.) The sports are awesome! Who wouldn’t want to fly around on a broomstick trying to catch some balls? (That sport was invented by the Headmaster.) The ghosts might make me crap my pants, but we all have to make sacrifices.

PROS: Fun Headmasters! (If you are a teenage boy only!)

CONS: Too many evil wizards

Narnia & Wonderland (Alice In Wonderland)

 Talking lions, centaurs, tea-drinking rabbits, alive playing cards, talking flowers, etc…

It would be like being on LSD everyday, with NO drug usage! 😀

PROS: Look at all the colors!

CONS: Just say no.


I couldn’t find much on this imaginary place. Legend says that everyone who lives in Canada ( I think they are called Canadians) resides in an igloo and rides polar bears instead of cars. I wonder if the polar bears talk!

**Image of what I think would be a typical Canadian house**

Sounds like Alaska, that imaginary place where Sarah Palin supposedly lives. She’s an idiot there’s no place in India where people live in the snow!

PROS: Polar Bears

CONS: It’s supposedly near the West Indies- don’t drink the water!

Now that I think about it, I don’t want to run the risk of trying to find these places. I think it would be better if I pulled a Marty McFly and time traveled. What do you think?

—Better Post Coming Soon—

:mrgreen: Sara :mrgreen:


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