Before I go….

22 Dec

I’m not going to post this week because of the season, but I didn’t want to just leave. I also wanted to share the wonder….

I’m sitting in a closet

17 Dec

I’m back from my computer break. It made me feel like this 😀

That last sentence is a lie, I really felt like this 😦

I won’t go into details, but my bag fell in the toilet. Now I have to use a crappy replacement bag while my old bag is being disinfected. And by “old bag”, I really mean my old bag, not my grandma. Although, I did have to pull her out of the toilet when she slipped in one time. Hmmm…. I’m getting too technical.

My mustache on a stick business is branching out. I make mustaches, beards, and now a tear on a stick. Feeling sad? Pull out your tear on a stick! Clever, no?

I was stabbed in the arm with a pencil for the second time in my life. In 2nd grade, I stabbed someone in the eye. Obviously, whats-his-face from second grade is still pissed and trying to get back at me.

I’m also debating whether or not I should come out of closet… about this blog. I’ve been keeping the secret for too long, and I’m going to come out of the real closet anyways (there aren’t any presents in here!).

And that’s it.

So tell me…

What have you been up to for the past two weeks? What do you do for the holidays? Have you ever stabbed anyone in the eye?

For the holidays, I DON’T stab people in the eye. I also collect ornaments.

{Guest Post} Tips to Organizing Your Holiday Card List

15 Dec

I’ll be back to regular blogging this Friday. Here’s another guest post.

With all the other things you need to do to get ready for the Holiday Season, it’s easy to let some
things get away from you. Your Christmas card list is not something you want to leave to the last
minute, and there are some strategies you can use to make sure they get addressed and mailed
early enough so that they can be delivered before Christmas.

If this is your first year that you will be sending out cards, go through your address book to
see who you would like to send holiday greetings to. Make a mark beside the person’s name so
you don’t forget to send them their card. Before you start addressing cards, confirm the mailing
information by looking up addresses and zip codes online.

In a case where you have sent out Christmas cards before, the previous year’s mailing list can be
used as a base for the ones you will be sending out now. You will need to review your list and
make changes as necessary before you start signing and getting them ready for mailing. Some
people on your list may have moved and you will need to look up the new address in the phone
book or online before you send out cards to those individuals.

Next, think about where your Christmas cards need to be delivered. If you are sending Christmas
cards to friends and family members overseas, contact the Postal Service to find out when they
need to be mailed so they will be delivered on time. Then put a notation on your calendar for a
couple of days before that point so that you have time to address your cards and get them in the

If the idea of dealing with your entire list at once seems like too overwhelming a task, divide it
up. Once you have any international addressees looked after, give yourself several days to work
on the rest of your list. Make an appointment with yourself to do so, and keep it. You may find
that the idea of working on your Christmas cards is more daunting than sitting down for a short
time and addressing a handful of them.

You can store your Christmas card list on your computer and print off address labels if you like.
This method keeps the information organized in one place, and applying a label to an envelope is
much quicker and easier than addressing them by hand. Focus on getting your holiday greeting
into the hands of the person you want to share some good wishes with instead of how the address
is presented.

Starting early is the best way to keep your holiday card list organized. If you need to do a
marathon Christmas card addressing session, find a friend who is in the same boat and invite
them over to prepare their cards as well. You can work together to get them ready for mailing.

Bio: Vera Mosley is a freelance writer for a company that sells corporate holiday cards. When she is not writing or
blogging, Vera loves to travel the world! Follow her adventures on Twitter @VMosley.

{Guest Post} 5 Tips to Find Coupons for Christmas

14 Dec

Another guest post while I’m watching TV going to cool parties.

Christmas time can be a fun, yet a hectic time of the year.  You’re going to have to plan parties, get gifts, as well as think about what you’re going to get people.  While a lot of us are on a budget out there, you will find that some of us just like to save money with coupons.
If you like to use coupons, I wanted to give you some pointers on how I find the coupons for my favorite shops.
#1 Be social with them – The first word of advice that I would give you is to check out their Facebook, as well as the Twitter.  You will find that you can join many of these Facebook pages to get coupons right off the bat.  While they may not be there right now, it doesn’t hurt to join them, and look for updates in the future.
#2 Just do a search – Searching for both coupon codes, as well as printable coupons online can yield some fantastic results.  What you’re going to want to do is just search via your favorite search engine.  Make sure that you search via the “most recent results”, and you should be able to find some deals that you can take advantage of.
#3 Join their email list – While some companies give you something just for joining, like Facebook and Twitter, you will find that you can get many offers via your email during the holidays.  This is a great way to get the offers to come to you, rather than you having to go out there, and search for them.
#4 Get cash back with your purchase – If you shop online, did you know that places out there will pay you to shop?  Yes ,it is true, and what you will find is that places like Ebates will pay you to shop with them.  All you will do is create an account, shop through their shopping link, and you can get 1%+ back on your purchase.
#5 Buy your coupons / gift cards online –  This sounds silly, but people will post coupons online all the time.  Here, you can take advantage of buy them off of them.  While it won’t cost you a lot, you will find that you can save a decent amount of money by doing this.
As long as you take the effort to search for coupons, you will find that nine times of ten, you will find some sort of saving, even if it’s just a few bucks.

This post was written by Elizabeth Cutten. You can find printable coupons, and more all on her blog over at MyCCFinder.

{Guest Post} Five Ways To Stay Sane Over The Holidays

13 Dec

Having a few guest posts about the holidays while I’m taking my blog vacation.

The holidays are the most joyful and challenging stretch of the year. Here are five ways to keep your sanity all the way through!

The Best Equation

One of our family’s life equations is Tired + Hungry = Cranky.
If someone develops an attitude, it’s generally because he or
she needs food or sleep (or both).

I’m adding another equation just for the holidays: Eating Well
+ Regular Exercise + Adequate Sleep = Sane People. I know it’s
the holidays and we are surrounded by sugar, but you’ll feel
more even by limiting your indulgences and avoiding alternately
spiking and plummeting blood sugar levels. Even though it’s
chilly, get outside or to the gym three to four times a week.
Sleep enough each night to feel rested, and consider indulging
in extra naps.


There will be some point between Halloween and New Year’s Day
that I will feel overwhelmed, so I clean out and reorganize a
closet or a room. This act of simplification helps me feel more
sane. This time of year can feel chaotic with weather changes,
school closures, and additional commitments. Do what you have to
do in order to simplify your life just during the holidays.

Keep a calendar and resist being busy every night of the week,
which will require skipping a holiday party here or there.
Carve out some money from your budget to eat at restaurants a
couple of extra times this month. Take a week or two off work
if possible and spend that time with your family and friends.
You’ll find yourself more intentionally enjoying this time of

Give to Others

While I’m cleaning closets to feel more sane, I begin making
piles of health and beauty products, nonperishable food,
and clothing to donate to charity. Nothing helps me count my
blessings more than to realize not only how much I have, but
how much I can give away. Encourage your family members to help
gather and deliver these items with you.

A Special Outing

Alone time is scarce in my life, and I treasure every moment
of it during this time of year. Spend time alone in a favorite
activity, like hiking, photography, or scrapbooking at least
once during the holidays. Take yourself out for a movie or to
dinner – or both – and splurge on a small present for yourself.

Pamper Yourself

To take your special outing a bit further, carve some extra
money out for a manicure, pedicure or massage during this hectic
time of year. If you need justification, think of the planning,
budgeting, shopping, cooking and cleaning that you continue to
do from Halloween to New Year’s Day. You deserve some pampering!

Kelly Wilson is a freelance writer and editor with Teaching Resource Center, a teacher store pampering teachers with high-quality products and free teachers lesson plans.


27 Nov

I’m writing in purple; I’m such a rebel.

Woah, now I’m blue. Didn’t expect that, did you? DID YOU?

There are going to be some changes around TL (Tedious Life’s cool, street name). I’m just going to get right down to it.

1.) I will now use TL when referring to this blog from now on. It is this blog’s street name (as explained above), and we should all respect that.

2.) My street name is Master Jedi DJ Fiddlesticks.

3.) In light of new, confidence boosting events, I will appear more weird (more me) in these posts.

4.) I feel as though I’ve finally found my personal writing voice because (see above).

Onwardeth to more exciting crap…

 I’m going to make TL  look prettier and easier to navigate; I will also blog a bit differently and less frequently because of other writing opportunities I am striving for and I also have no fear of grammar police hence this grammatically incorrect sentence.

The biggest difference will be Friday Flips. I might still write for this blog hop, but less frequently. Twitter and Facebook will not be updated, even though Facebook is already like that.

 Well, that’s it. BYE!

Friday Flips 11/19: Just Girl Scouts

18 Nov

I didn’t think I would be able to do Flip Offs this week because of other stuff, but here I am.

First off, something kinda huge-ish is happening here next month. I’m really excited since I’ve been planning this for a while. Can’t you wait for the big unveil? I know I can’t. (Yeah, I’m going to build it up so much that you’re going to be let down. That’s how I roll. )

I only have one flip this week,  Girl Scouts. What is up with you people? I started eating my yummy cookies and then I found out they were really unhealthy. Fuck you, Girl Scout Headquarters. You give me all this crap about “saving money” and “learning problem solving” and then you make me buy really unhealthy cookies. YOU are the reason why America is full of fat people.

The yummiest cookies also have to be the ones with “Thank You” in different languages baked into each one, right? Ugh, I spent fifteen minutes trying to figure out if one cookie said “Thank You” in Norwegian or Swedish. Then, I spent another fifteens minutes looking at one cookie until I realized it was an English one upside down.

Urg, just fuck you. You make me feel dum.

Update: Wait, aren’t Girl Scouts the ones who sing about the dirty, black socks that never get washed? Tsk Tsk, Girl Scouts…

More flippiness at Momma Kiss (I post my flips early, Momma Kiss’ might not be up yet!)